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The artist, painter and illustrator Sokar uno who was born in Gotha, Thuringia in 1987 also grew up there.
The now Berliner-of-choice already spent lots of time drawing in his early childhood days. He was inspired by famous comic heros of the time. Especially his mothers portrait drawings were essential for his artistic drive.
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Around 1998, Sokar uno first came in touch with the local graffity-scene which provided him access to new artistic expressions. The new explored possibilities strengethend his urge of devellopping a differenciated style. Besides an apprenticeship to become an engeneering draughtsman, a vocational baccalaureate diploma in designing and helping with the restoration of paintings, all of Sokar uno`s artwork today are exclusively based on his autodidactic working methods. Using spray can, paint roller or brushes, his artwork can be found in galleries, on canvas, on walls and objects in urban space.

The basis of his artwork are illustrative-realistic representations of human beings and their body shapes which he breaks into fragments and than brings them back together in bustlike pieces. Therefore, the artist creates his own imaginative little world, which at the same time is inspired by current events in urban life and the myths from historical painting.
In his self-created world Sokar uno also reflects his own feelings and emotions. Every painting is thus both, very personal and individual. This close connection of the artist and his artwork and the specific haptic of his painting make every piece not only immensely expressive and powerful but also extremely timeless and valuable.

Educational sessions and outlines of architectural way of mind. All workshops are built as a game and help to get thinking up level and understand of the concept of form and space.
Your children will be introduced to the basics of photography, composition, get acquainted with different styles of photography and history of photography.
Recent Journey through national and international galleries
2017 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2017 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2017 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2017 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2016 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2016 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2016 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2015 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung
2015 // Gallery // Titel - Art der Ausstellung

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The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.
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Visiting tour to Central Planetarium. Himalaya is a mountain range in the Indian subcontinent, which separates the Indo-Gangetic Plain from the Tibetan Plateau.
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